Sensor Signal Conditioner

NOVOSENSE's sensor signal conditioner ICs (SSC ICs) design and production of sensor interfaces by providing programmable, highly accurate, wide gain and quantization functions combined with powerful, high-order digital correction and linearization algorithms. NOVOSENSE sensor signal conditioner ICs are all-in-one, energy-efficient products that are easy to use and are supported by advanced software and expert technical support staff with extensive sensor system design experience.

The "Single-pass" Calibration Advantage

Designing sensor interfaces can be quite challenging and time consuming, and producing them in volume is often expensive due to long test cycles on costly production test equipment. A distinct advantage of our correction algorithms is that they are calibrated and programmed in an efficient "single-pass" operation that lowers costs by reducing test time and loading of production test equipment without sacrificing precision. NOVOSENSE sensor signal conditioner ICs also lower total system costs by simplifying sensor design with our excellent support tools, reducing external components, minimizing board space, and providing a faster migration to production.

AEC-Q100-qualified Automotive Solutions

Innovation-driven and customer-focused, we enable IC solutions that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to help protect the environment. Our products range from very low-power SSCs for mobile applications to rugged AEC-Q100-qualified ICs that expedite automotive product design by providing advanced sensor-signal conditioning and configurability while minimizing power consumption. Our sophisticated calibration and configuration techniques significantly reduce external component count and time-to-market for products that meet new emission-reduction standards.

Sensor Signal Conditioner

Product Center

Part Number Product Type Descripiton Package Temperature Power Supply Current Input Type Output Type Program I/F Memory Application AEC-Q100
NSC6260 MEMS MICROPHONE MEMS MICROPHONE PRE-AMP Bare Die -40~85 ℃ 1.6V~3.6V 95uA Cap Analog OWI OTP Microphone
NSC9260 Pressure Sensor Automotive Capacitive Sensor Conditioner SSOP16 -40~150℃ 4.5~5.5V 1.5mA Capacitive Signal 0-5V;PWM/PDM;SENT OWI/IIC/SPI3/SPI4 EEPROM Pressure Sensor Y
NSA9260 Pressure Sensor Automotive Bridge Sensor Conditioner SSOP16 -40~150℃ 4.5~5.5V 1.5mA Voltage Signal 0-5V;PWM/PDM;SENT OWI/IIC/SPI3/SPI4 EEPROM Resistive Pressure Sensor Y
NSA2860 Pressure Sensor Signal Conditioner and Transmitter for Pressure Sensors SSOP16/TSSOP20 -40~150℃ 3V~5.5V 1.5mA Voltage Signal 4~20mA; 0-5V; 0-10V; PWM/PDM; Digital OWI/IIC/SPI3/SPI4 EEPROM Resistive Sensor Transmitter or RTD Y
NSA5311 Current Senor Analog Sensor Conditioner with Fast Response DFN10 -40~125°C 3V~5.5V 3mA Voltage Signal Digital;0~5V;Absolute/Ratiometric OWI OTP Current Sensor ; Linear Magnetic Sensor
NSA2300 Pressure Sensor 24bit Bridge Sensor Conditioner SOP8/MSOP10 -40~125℃ 1.8V~5.5V 1.5mA Voltage Signal Digital;0-5V OWI/IIC/SPI3/SPI4 OTP Automotive, White Goods
NSA2200 Pressure Sensor 24bit Bridge pressure sensor ASIC KGD -40~125℃ 1.8V~5.5V 1.5mA Voltage Signal Digital IIC/SPI3/SPI4 OTP Consumer, White Goods, Barometer, Water Level Sensor
Part Number Product Type Description Package Type Temperature Range Supply Voltage Current Input Type Output Type Program I/F Memory Application AEC-Q100