NSA9260: Automotive Bridge Sensor Conditioner

Product Overview

The NSA9260 is a highly integrated and AEC-Q100 qualified IC for automotive bridge sensor conditioning. The NSA9260 integrates an instrumental PGA, a 24-bit primary signal measurement channel, a 24-bit temperature measurement channel and sensor calibration logic. With the internal calibration algorithm built in the MCU, the NSA9260 supports to compensate the temperature drift of zero and span up to the 2nd order and also the linearity up to the 3rd order with calibration error less than 0.1%. The calibration coefficients are stored in a 57-byte EEPROM. The NSA9260 also supports Over-voltage and Reverse voltage protection. It can provide analog output and PWM output with sensor diagnosis.

Features and Benefits

l  Over-voltage and Reverse voltage protection between -24V ~ 28V

l Instrumental amplifier with variable gain from 1X to 256X

l 24-bit ADC for primary signal measurement

l 24-bit ADC for temperature measurement

l Sensor connection fault detection supported

l Internal and external temperature sensor supported

l 16-bit DAC

l 1X~8X ADC digital gain

l A pair of constant current sources

l Sensor calibration logic with built-in MCU

l 57-byte EEPROM

l Ratiometric or absolute voltage output16-bit DAC

l Special OWI communication

l PWM output supported

l Bare die or SSOP16 package (30mm2)

l AEC-Q100 qualified

l Operation temperature: -40℃~150℃

Functional Block





l Pressure Sensor and transmitters

l Automotive braking system

l Automotive air-conditioner